Schucal 2021 R2 – Changes for US market

General program changes (for all design types)


Company contact:
Account number for delivery addresses

As of this version, you can provide account numbers for your delivery addresses in the Company contact dialog box. The fields for the delivery addresses are no longer mandatory either.

Output lists

Changes for the “project number” in the shipping specifications

In previous versions, a Project Number could be added under the Shipping conditions group in the settings for the Order list in the Output options dialog box. This field has been renamed to Project number and it is now only possible to enter a number with no more than five digits (ten for France).

Please note:

Before outputting the order, please check the value entered in the field. If you entered a different value before the program update, this entry is automatically removed from the field in this version.

Preliminary structural calculation

New: Preliminary structural calculation for sliding units

As of this version, a preliminary structural calculation can be made for profiles and glass in sliding units (not for lift-and-slide units). The calculations for the proof of serviceability and proof of load-bearing capacity are carried out. The units are tested while closed, so all profiles are calculated together at the edge. The permitted deformation for mullions is accepted as permitted deformations for the vertical SLF vent profiles.

The following profiles are taken into account for the preliminary calculation:

  • SLF vent profiles (with the exception of side profiles on the frame and side profiles on the wall attachment for pocket door units)
  • Reinforcements
  • Structural double-vent profiles
  • Structural coupling profiles

A preliminary structural calculation is not carried out for the following units:

Sliding units with GRP profiles (Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI, Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI manual and Schüco ASE 67 PD systems)

  • Sliding units with toplights
  • Corner units
  • Janisol fire-resistant sliding doors

Machine control

Processing mode:
Amendments for serial processes types 3 and 4

The following changes have been made for serial processes Type 3: Start/end and Type 4: Field-by-field:

Serial processes Type 3: Start/end only for the distributions Maximum spacing and Fixed distance:

  • The field Minimum profile length has been renamed to Minimum dimension start/end.

Serial processes Type 3: Start/end and Type 4: Field-by-field for the distributions Maximum spacing and Fixed distance:

  • In the new sub-groups Minimum dimension start/end and Minimum profile length, you will find the following new adjustment options:
  • You have the option to check the new check box Take dimensions +/- into account. In this case, the dimensions +/- are taken into account for the zero points.
  • Moreover, in the subgroup you will find a new selection list Behaviour if too small with the selection options A process in the centre or No processing.
    In previous versions, a process in the centre was always generated if the minimum profile length was not met. Now, with the new selection, “no processing” can be generated if the minimum dimension is not met. If this is the case for a profile, the number of processes is specified as 0 for the serial process in the Processes tab.
Processing mode:
Processes for all the profiles

As of this version, you can define processes such that they apply to all adjacent profiles (examples: drill holes on a track for fixing to the outer frame below, drill holes for fixing extension profiles).

As of this version, you will find the new check box Transfer to adjoining profile for processes and serial processes. In a processing group, for example, you can merge processes for a fixing: drill holes which are generated directly on the outer frame and drill holes which are generated on an adjacent profile.

New systems

Windows/doors (aluminium)

Schüco AWS 60 FRANot available in all countries.
Schüco AWS 60 BD FRANot available in all countries.
Schüco ADS 60 CHNot available in all countries.
Schüco ADS 60 CH.HDNot available in all countries.
BD = Block Design FRA = France CH = Clamping Hinge HD = Heavy Duty

Sliding systems (aluminium)

Schüco ASS 41 SC FRANot available in all countries.
SC = Square Cut FRA = France

About Schüco ASS 41 SC FRA

The sliding system with butt-joint vent connections can be selected for the following templates:

  • Double-track
  • Triple-track

Unit parameters:

You can choose between a standard, barrier-free or flat threshold by means of the Outer frame, bottom unit parameters.

For the barrier-free version, you can specify whether this is to be narrow or wide by means of the Ramp design unit parameter.

For the version with flat threshold, you can specify whether this is to be straight or sloped by means of the Threshold design unit parameter.

Technical settings:

  • Here you can enter the default settings for the drip bar, plaster drainage track, the material for the track, the gasket on the moving vent (brush seal, gasket, brush seal (reinforced)) and the material for the glazing gasket (EPDM or TPE (pre-punched)).

Discontinued systems

Sliding units (aluminium)

The following systems have been removed from the Schüco range and will no longer be available in the program for new items.

Schüco ASS 70.HIAll countries*
Schüco ASS 70 Design Line 
*UK since 2020 R2 SP02, Germany since 2020 R2 SP06)

Changes to aluminium systems

Windows/doors (aluminium)

Schüco SimplySmart window fitting:
Tilt-before-turn window, RC2 secure in tilt position
310 Tilt-before-turn window, DIN left311 Tilt-before-turn window, DIN right

The new window fitting, which ensures RC2 burglar resistance in the tilt ventilation position, can be selected. To this end, in the Field properties dialog box, you can select the entry RC2 in tilt position – AvanTec SimplySmart as the fittings type.

With this fittings type, the glazing must be bonded to the vent. Glazing rebate fixings are not generated.

Schüco AWS 70.HI and Schüco AWS 75.SI+:
Crank-operated turn/tilt fittings system

Since the 2019 version, it is generally no longer possible to select the surface-mounted fitting. For the turn/tilt and side-hung opening types of the named systems, the surface-mounted fitting that is still in the range remains available for selection for the Crank mechanism for crank-operated turn/tilt operating type.

Doors for all systems:
Generation change for surface-mounted door hinges

The new articles in conjunction with the change to the surface-mounted door hinges are calculated.

Schüco AD UP 75/75 BL:
RC3 burglar resistance class

As of this version, the fittings type RC3 can be selected for doors in this system.

  • The glazing must meet at least burglar resistance class P5A.
  • For fixed lights, the infill must be bonded.
  • The new option RC3 glazing from inside can be selected for fixed lights.
  • Doors with a leaf-enclosing infill on one side or both sides are also permitted.
Schüco AWS/ADS 65:
Single-leaf doors HD Gen2

(Since 2021 SP01)

For single-leaf, outward-opening DIN left and DIN right doors, the new frame and leaf profiles are calculated for the new selection ADS HD Gen2 for the Type of profile unit parameter

Output lists
Cutting the locking bars on the fittings table:
“Barcode 128” can no longer be selected

Material list, infill panel plan, unit overview, list of window vents and fittings

In version 2019 R3, we had to advise that the barcode with Code 128 no longer supports all properties of the opening that are required to calculate the locking bars. Unfortunately, the technology of barcode 128 can no longer support the further development of the Schüco window fitting, which is why the change to the QR code is required.

Therefore, as of this version, the selection for the Code 128 barcode is no longer offered in the settings for the named lists.

Please note:

If you had previously selected Code 128 in the named lists: as of this version, the QR code is selected. Please use a hand scanner, such as Art. No. 289220, to import this QR code to the LA 100 and LA 10 locking bar machines.

Preliminary structural calculation

Length-dependent calculation of composite profiles

As of this version, the structural verification for composite profiles (mullions, transoms) is calculated in accordance with a set of guidelines from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt; formerly IfBt) in Berlin from 1986. Now the length-dependent values Ix eff and Ix eff Sigma will be calculated instead of the values Ix and Wx, which are calculated independent of length. For this calculation, the insulating bar used and the surface coating of the profile are taken into consideration in addition to the length of the profile.

Article selection dialog box:
If an Ix eff value is available for a composite profile, this is displayed in the column and the value is given a blue background. If no Ix eff value can be calculated for a composite profile, the lx value is displayed and the value is not given a coloured background.

Preliminary structural calculation list:
Composite profiles which are calculated in accordance with the guidelines receive more detailed information on the dimensioned profile. Beside the standard applied, the applied guidelines are also specified. In addition to article number, basic depth, length, material/property, modulus of elasticity and the bearing forces Hw that are acting, the surface finish on the inside and outside and the material of the insulating bar are also output.

Sliding units (aluminium)

Lift-and-slide units for all systems:
The packing units for the lift-and-slide units have been changed

(Systems: ASE 60/80.HI)

Previously, lift-and-slide handles were compiled as one packing unit for inside and outside. These packing units have now been dissolved. Handles for inside and handles for outside are now treated individually for the order. The accessories (flush pull handle and, if necessary, handle spacer) are also calculated as individual articles.

As of this version, the handles for inside and outside are therefore determined separately for new items in the Field properties dialog box. For two-colour units, you can therefore choose different colours for the inside and outside handles.

Please note:

This change does not apply to existing items which were entered before the 2021 R2 version. The calculation and entry options remain unchanged for the packing units.

Lift-and-slide units for all systems:
Handle with “SmartActive” antimicrobial coating

(Schüco ASE 60/80.HI, ASS 50 systems)

The new article numbers for the door handles with antimicrobial coating in the colour CO can be selected (PU = 1).

  • Art. No. 269611 (without profile cylinder recess)
  • Art. No. 269617 (with profile cylinder recess)

Façades (aluminium)

Schüco FWS 50/60 SG:
Glazing with 14 mm inner glass thickness

As of this version, as per the amended glazing tables (K1025740 and K1025779), it is possible to use glass with an Inside thickness of 14 mm.

Schüco FWS 50/60 SG:
New cruciform glass carriers, amended positioning of the plastic pocket profiles and glazing clips, joint seal for dry glazing

The new cruciform glass carriers with glazing block and cover gasket (K1025791 and K1025909) are calculated for new items. When this cruciform glass carrier is used, the plastic pocket profiles and glazing clips that are calculated as required are positioned in accordance with K1011008.

The joint seal for the dry glazing was changed as part of the change to the cruciform glass carriers. The old article numbers can no longer be selected.

Article (old)Article (new)

Please note:

Existing items remain unchanged.

Schüco AF UDC 80 SG:
Schüco AWS 114 and Schüco AWS 114.SI insert units

As of this version, Schüco AWS 114 and AWS 114 SI insert units (201: Projected top-hung window and 270: Parallel-opening window) can be inserted into suitable areas.

Schüco AF UDC 80:
Surface finish of foiled profiles – new default

Glazing bars UF can be added to foiling profile Art. No. 520690 (Profile properties dialog box). Although the foiling profile can only be anodised, in previous versions the surface finish and colour were automatically copied over from the item for the Surface finish inside. The surface finish then needed to be adjusted accordingly via the Modify profile surface finish context menu command.

As of this version, the surface finish is always set with 23 E2/colour and the colour 35: Black by default. You can use the Modify profile surface finish context menu command to change to another anodised surface finish as required.

Please note:

In previous versions, if you had not subsequently changed the surface finish of foiling profiles in items, in this version the surface finish of foiling profiles is automatically changed to 23 E2/colour and the colour to 35: Black.

Airborne sound reduction
New – Schüco FWS 35 PD and Schüco FWS 60

As of this version, airborne sound reduction values can be calculated for units in the FWS 35 PD and Schüco FWS 60 systems.

For the Schüco FWS 50 system, the calculation of the airborne sound reduction value has been updated with regard to the influence of the cover caps on the calculated result.

Sun shading

Schüco Integralmaster sun shading:
Can be used in front of fixed lights in Schüco FWS 50

As of this version, the Integralmaster sun shading can be entered in front of fixed lights in the Schüco FWS 50 system. The side and top frame profiles must be suitable for accommodating this. The special articles can be selected as mullion and transom for this. Use in units with a roof pitch is not possible.

Where the Integralmaster transom with 60 mm face width is used with the 60 mm cover caps, transom sealing sheets are calculated instead of cruciform gaskets for the mullion/transom attachment (regardless of the technical settings).

Schüco Integralmaster sun shading:
Product streamlining of “screening and sun shading” materials

(Since 2021 SP02)

The following materials for screening and sun shading are no longer in the range:

  • TC 2051 (Blackout/white)
  • TC 2052 (Blackout/grey)
  • TC 2055 (Blackout/black)

Please note:

This change affects existing items in which Integralmaster was entered with one of these materials. As of this version, the material SHBLS 00 (shade film, black/silver) – screening is calculated instead.

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