Monthly Archive: May 2016

When designing AWS 57 RO window in skylight I have error: Drainage channel gasket cannot be specified for insert units.

Solution: The problem happens when on skylight unit you want to have drainage channel gasket installed. You enable it under Item properties window > Settings > Schuco FW 50[60] **.** > Technical settings > Gasket After checking it on, in normal condition you have glass gasket 224981 (or 224982) with drainage channel to collect condensate from the glass installed on...

How to configure SchuCal to work in network?

By default SchuCal works in local configuration, saving all user profiles, projects, settings and templates on local drive. If you want to share this content over the network you should configure SchuCal to work in network mode. To do that first it is necessary to prepare network shared folder on the server and grant network user rights allowing to open,...

Where does SchuCal stores the data?

By default, unless no other drive and directory have been selected during installation process, SchuCal stores program data in two directories: ProgramData location stores all important configuration data and user profile content. Among others there are three directories keeping all your critical personal data. These locations can be edited by changing Desktop Settings under General > Settings.