Monthly Archive: August 2021

Error while trying to generate report (output) to Excell

In specific circumstances it can happen that while generating the report to Excel Schucal can return the error with one of few possible messages, for example as this: This problem requires reinitialization of Schucal-Excel connector. Please close Schucal and start Excel in Administration mode, Menu start > Right mouse button on Excel icon > More > Run as administrator: Go...


This program adds following V8 profiles for Mission Rock A project: 9644057 9644055 9644063 9644062 9644059 9644058 9644061 9644060 9644065 9644066 9646088 9646089 Installer: Procedure after installation: Restart SchuCal Add profiles as additional profiles in existing Schucal unit or use them for Free Length Optimization

How to define custom glass bite for FWS curtain wall family?

If you need to build custom glass bite for FWS curtain wall family, what can be necessary if you have special approval, you can do it with standard Schucal tools. In the example below we will make custom gap size between glass panels as 7/8″ (22mm) for horizontal and 1″ (25mm) for vertical divisions, what is defined by Test Report...