Schucal 2019 R2 or R3 does not start returning the error: “Database SQL: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Query ‘’ is corrupt. SQL Statement: UPDATE Systems SET Release=3 WHERE SystemID=1003”

On Tuesday Nov 13, 2019 Microsoft released an update for the Access Database Engine of Windows. Schucal is using Microsoft Access Database Engine as primary database driver and after this update it cannot be started any more returning SQL error listed above.

This problem occurs only on the systems with specific Microsoft Office installed.

This problem is caused by Microsoft and can be solved only by them. According to announcement by Microsoft a new patch is planned for the Dec 10, 1019.

There is temporary fix for the problem that can let you continue work with Schucal as before.

  1. Open „Control Panel“ ([Key + R] and type „Control“)
  2. Click „Programs and features“
  3. Click „View installed updates“
  4. Uninstall Security Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (any of KB4484127, KB4484119 or KB4484113. All installed on Nov 13, 2019)

Now you should be able to start your Schucal.

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