This program adds US Hurricane configuration for AWS 65, AWS 70.HI and AWS 75.SI series with following types:

  • fixed
  • inward turn/tilt
  • outswing
  • balcony door

Download and install here:


  • Added notification message if wrong Outer Frame was used.
  • Fixed notification about glass thickness.
  • 9631982 Reinforcement is automatically added to 9629332 static mullion
  • FL0.5×4.5IN Reinforcement is automatically added to 9629334 split mullion.

Procedure after installation:

  1. Create/open AWS 65, AWS 70.HI or AWS 75.SI unit
  2. Set the glass overall thickness to 34mm
  3. Check Settings > Technical settings > US Settings > AWS US Hurricane to ON

AWS 65:

AWS 70.HI:

AWS 75.SI:

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