This program builds USA ADA Kickplate and Threshold for AWS 75.SI for easy-access balcony door type configuration in Schucal.

Procedure after installation:

  • Restart SchuCal
  • Create/Open AWS 75.SI Family unit
  • Set Opening Type to type 152 or 153
  • Set Option to Outward-openinig, barrier-free balcony/patio door, 12mm threshold
  • Go to Item properties > Settings > Technical settings > Design and check on:
    USA ADA Threshold Gasket and/or USA ADA Kickplate

Important: To get total kickplate height 10” choose door vent frame 480790.

No prices for custom profiles defined.
To define the price go to General > Master data > Article management > Special articles > [article number] > List price.

If you will send the SchuCal project that uses this custom definition to other Schucal user, please remember to send this update together.

After updating SchuCal with online Service Pack or reinstalling it you must install this update again.

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