Network license is not distributed over the local network.

Schucal network license manager can have problems with distributing license over subnets that are behind the NAT in the network.

To workaround it please start web browser on machine with such problem and browse to:


Go to Configuration > Access to Remote License Managers and:

  • Check Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses to ON
  • Type IP address of the License Server in Remote License Search Parameters. It should be the address of the PC where Schucal Network Licenses Dongles are installed; address used below is only for demonstration.
  • Confirm Submit

Screen should look like this:

Hint: To find IP address of the license server:

  • login to that machine
  • press combination of WIN-KEY and R A picture containing text, clock, monitor

Description automatically generated
  • type CMD. Confirm ENTER
  • in CMD window type IPCONFIG. Confirm ENTER.
  • you can find IP address on IPv4 under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

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