How to enable MCO functionality in SchuCal?

MCO functionality is enabled on client’s request. After email request you will receive numeric code that has to be entered in Schucal configuration. SchuCal Toolbox, small maintenance application installed together with SchuCal is right tool for that. You can find it under menu Start:

On main Toolbox window click the button “Additional Components”:

Select appropriate language for you and click “OK”:

Confirm “Next”:

You will see “Please enter the license code” field. Type the code you have obtained by email. Note that this screenshot 12345 code is fake, it is shown just for demonstration. Click “Next”.

After providing correct code, you will see the message “MCO is now authorized”. After confirming “OK” you will see another confirmation:

Finish the process by answering “No” for question about additional code.

Since now you will have the “Processing” command active in your SchuCal.

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