Frame axis has offset from where is should be so the frame is too big.

Problem is caused by geometrical modification of the frame grid in the past.

As we can see vertical profile No 3 is logically a Mullion, instead of being the Outer Frame.

Mullions/Transoms always have construction axis in the middle, Outer Frames on the edge.

If we would review the project history, we can find that on 5/20/2016 frame had correct structure:

Then 5/20/2016 11:47:33 AM area number 4 have been deleted:

And mullion No 3 on the right frame side became the last profile closing the frame. Still Mullion though, not Outer Frame, and its axis is in the center:

There were another steps to change it to look as Outer Frame 382170, but in fact logically it was still Mullion:

Proper modification that should be done in the past:

Instead of deleting area No 4 we should delete mullion No 3 (or merge area No 3 and No 4):

And edit area No 3 width accordingly:

Thanks to this step we did not removed Outer Frame from the project.

Profile 3 has axis is on the edge:

How to fix the project:

To fix the project we can simply add some area on the right with width for example 200 mm. This will automatically add Outer Frame back to the unit:

Then select area 3 and newly created 4 and Merge them together:

After merging we must modify newly created area No 3 width and subtract 200 mm from it.

As we can see, frame is now correct and its right boundary is Outer Frame:

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