Schucal 2024 R1

New Schucal 2024 R1 has been published and is ready to install.

This is a critical update. Please install it as soon as possible, your actual Schucal version does not sync service packs and actual price lists anymore. That makes Schucal not compatible with actual system definitions and material prices.

After start you will see the window with additional information as described above. You can skip this clicking NO:

On the main downloader window you can choose Schucal version you want to download (be sure this is the recent one).
Download only checkbox let you download the installer only but skip installation process.
Destination field allows you to choose temporary download folder where the installer files will be stored.

After confirming OK you will see progress window with download time estimation:

The installer needs about 40 min (it depends of your local internet speed) to complete download and installation process.

After the download process is finalized, please navigate to destination folder you confirmed earlier (default folder is Downloads) and find the folder with corresponding version, with syntax YY.R.0, where Y stands for Year version and R stands for revision number. The screenshot below shows installation folder 23.3.0 that consist of downloaded version 2023 R3:

In this folder you will find .iso file, standard image of CD/DVD content:

Double click this file to open its content. Navigate down to find Setup.exe file:

Run it. It will start standard installation process and will take few minutes to finalize.
Answer Yes, OK or Next for all questions during the installation.

After this phase is finished your Schucal is up-to-date.

Hint: If you need to update multiple installations in your organization, you do not need to go trough download process on each on the machines. You can transfer .iso file with flash drive or network shared folder and install it directly on the other PC.

Warning: Schucal users who have installed custom systems/profiles prepared for US market may lose these system definitions after this update.

However, projects made with these custom updates will not be removed and will stay in your Schucal database.

Immediately after Schucal 2023 R3 installation please install again all your custom systems/profiles add-ons BEFORE opening them in the Schucal. This procedure will preserve all custom system and let you create new ones as before.

It is also suggested to make backup of custom system/profiles based projects (Schucal tab Manage > Export data) BEFORE installing new Schucal.

If you need custom installers please send me a list with required systems so I will share the links to the latest ones.

As an summary for custom systems/profiles scenario:

  • Make backup of custom system/profiles based projects (Schucal tab Manage > Export data)
  • Install and start Schucal 2023 R3. Do not open projects with custom systems/profiles definitions.
  • Shut down Schucal.
  • Install custom systems/profiles definitions from installers I sent before. Ask me if you can not find them, I will resend again.
  • Start Schucal. Now you are safe to open existing custom projects and create new ones.

In case of any troubles please contact me so I will be able to help ASAP.

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