Schucal 2019 R2

New Schucal 2019 R2 has been published and is ready to install.

This is a critical update. Please install it as soon as possible, your actual Schucal version does not sync service packs and actual price lists anymore. That makes Schucal not compatible with actual system definitions and material prices.

Warning: Schucal users who have installed custom systems/profiles prepared for US market can lose these system definitions after this update.

However, projects made with these custom updates will not be removed and will stay in your Schucal database.

Immediately after Schucal 2019 R2 installation please install again all custom systems/profiles definitions that you were using in your projects BEFORE opening them in the Schucal. This procedure will preserve all custom system and let you create new ones as before.

It is also suggested to make backup of custom system/profiles based projects (Schucal tab Manage > Export data) BEFORE installing new Schucal.

If you need custom installers please send me a list with required systems so I will share the links to the latest ones.

As an summary for custom systems/profiles scenario:

  • Make backup of custom system/profiles based projects (Schucal tab Manage > Export data)
  • Install and start Schucal 2019 R2. Do not open projects with custom systems/profiles definitions.
  • Shut down Schucal.
  • Install custom systems/profiles definitions form installers I sent before. Ask me if you can not find them, I will resend again.
  • Start Schucal. Now you are safe to open existing custom projects and create new ones.

Network database users: After first run of new Schucal in network database environment it will convert the database to the new format.

After this process all other Schucal stations that were not updated yet will loose access to the database, until they are updated as well.

You can download and run the cloud installer from the location:

After the start, cloud installer will ask for temporary package download location. Just click Select folder button to confirm default:

After a while you will see progress window with download time estimation:

The installer needs about 40 min (it depends of your local internet speed) to complete download and installation process.

After this phase installation process will start automatically.

In case of any troubles please contact me so I will be able to help ASAP.

Changes for US market

Discontinued systems

Windows/doors (aluminum)

The following systems have been removed from the Schüco range and will no longer be available for new items.

Schüco ADS 90.SI SimplySmart
New discount groups

In the Contacts dialog box, new discount groups have been added for the system suppliers Schüco International KG and Schüco Steel.

System supplier Schüco International KG:

227CoreTec non-insulated system profiles
228CoreTec composite profiles
229CoreTec fitting
235General accessories and fittings articles

Glass / panel

Glass and panel data:
Schüco system glass -change to Psi values

As of this version, the Psi values for the Schüco system glass will always be calculated in accordance with ift guidelines WA-22/2 (for façades) and WA-8/3 (for windows).

This means that a correction value will be added to the representative Psi value calculated so far (based on the type of profile and the thickness of the outer and, if applicable, the inner glass pane).

Please note:

This change will result in significantly higher Psi values for the corresponding Schüco system glass and also affects existing items.

Glass spacers:
New spacers

The following new spacers can be found in the selection list in the Glass and panel dialog box:

Ensinger/Thermix TX.N proStainless steel/plastic
Ensinger/Thermix Low PsiAluminium/plastic
CAD export STEP file

(Optional additional function, from basic configuration level)

The new function can be used to export the data for a unit (profiles, infills) to a STEP file (SO 10303 – STandard for the Exchange of Product model data).

Machine control (MCO)

Processing mode:
Insert and move processes using the mouse

As of this version, processes can easily be positioned at the desired place on the profile using the mouse. The position of processes can also be moved using the mouse under the Move context menu function.


Optimization of Schüco AWS VV ventilation vent

The large PU for Art. No. 276464 (RC security plate for vent frame locking component) is no longer generated.

Schüco AD UP:
System enhancements (order manual 1-2D AD UP door systems (06.2019))

Generation in the program follows the amended version of the manual. The changes include:

·    Schüco AD UP 90 Design Edition:

·    The flush pull grip (Art. No. 489550) can now also be generated in short lengths (Art. No. 516630) (with activated generation of alternative articles).

·    The LED strip (Art. No. 281579) for the flush pull grip has been replaced with the new Art. No. 220266. As of this version, the new LED strips can be selected in warm white (Art. No. 265933).

·    The following articles can now also be calculated as large PUs:

245358 / 278224

203165 / 203144

235579 / 235468

240998 / 240918

·    The new base profiles can be entered (Art. No. 265968, 265969, 265970 and 265971).

Schüco AD UP 90:
SI thermal insulation (order manual 1-2D AD UP door systems (06.2019))

The system version with increased thermal insulation can optionally be achieved using insulation profile Art. No. 245342.

For the Schüco AD UP 90 system, you can specify which insulation version is generated (Standard or SI) via the new Thermal insulation property in the technical settings under the group U value optimization.

Art. No. 245342 is generated as a length-related article in the length of the composite profile. The length specification is identified with an asterisk (*) in the Cut column in the material list if they still require precise adjustment.

Please note for the U value calculation:

Until further notice, the maximum Uf value for the AD UP 90 system is still calculated for all profile combinations with insulation profile Art. No. 245342. This is 2.5 W/(m²K).

Unit editing
Entrance door infills:
CAD export STEP file (door infill)

(Optional additional function, from basic configuration level)

Entrance door infills (triple panel) using online configurator for door infills:

The door infills loaded in Schüco AD UP doors with leaf profiles for mounted infills (mechanical on one side and on both sides) can be exported to a STEP file (ISO 10303 – Standard for the Exchange of Product model data). The door infills are exported with the required processes.

Cavity-fitted gearbox as handle:
Security lock can be generated as an alternative for resistance classes above basic

As of this version, when selecting a cavity-fitted gearbox as a handle, you can specify in the Field properties whether or not the security lock is to be generated.

Technical settings
Rebate gasket for inside for face-fitted window vents:
Corner edge protection Art. No. 224716

(Window systems with rebate gasket Art. No. 224310.)

As of this version, corner edge protection Art. No. 224716 can be selected for standard gasket Art. No. 224310 in the selection list for the property Rebate gasket for inside for face-fitted window vents (Gasket group).

Schüco AD UP 75, Schüco AD UP 90 and Schüco AWS 75 SI+/ADS 75.SI systems:
Alternative glazing rebate insulation in accordance with C2C standard

As of this version, in the selection list for the Type of glazing property (U value optimisation group), the alternative glazing rebate insulation can be selected in the C2C standard.

Sliding units

Templates for 90° corners renamed

(Schüco ASE 60/80.Hl (double-track only), Schüco ASS 39 PD.NI, Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI and Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI manual)

The existing templates have been renamed. The calculation of items remains unchanged.

TemplateOld nameNew name
Double-track 90° cornerDouble-track 90° corner (double-vent vent running internally)
Triple-track 90° cornerTriple-track 90° corner (double-vent vent running internally)
Schüco ASS 80 FD.HI:
Turn/tilt window fit
ing – changeover to Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart

(Since 2019 SP02)

Types with turn/tilt vents: The Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fitting is automatically calculated as the fitting.

Schüco ASE 60/80.HI:
Spandrel safety barrier (French balcony)

As of this version, the listed single-track spandrel safety barrier types can be entered in front of the moving vents running on the inside (not with level threshold, narrow interlock or TipTronic).

The group Spandrel safety barrier can be found for suitable units in the Field properties dialog box. If you select the option With spandrel safety barrier, you can enter additional details for the design of the Spandrel safety barrier.


Schüco AWS 114 and Schüco AWS 114.SI insert units:
(update to order manual 2-5 (02.2019))

New automatic fitting: “Outward-opening SimplySmart TipTronic”

For the opening types 221: Projected top-hung window and 270: Parallel-opening window, the new fittings types can be selected in the TipTronic design.

·    BASIC – Outward-opening SimplySmart TipTronic

·    RC 2 – Outward-opening SimplySmart TipTronic (only for 221: Projected top-hung window)

To calculate the fitting, specify in the Field properties dialog box the prerequisites in accordance with the risk analysis in the order manual. The required protective measures are derived from the Installation position/accessibility (E1 or E2) and the Use of building/space (N1 to N3).

Please note: Existing items remain unchanged.

System selection
Façade systems consolidated:
New “Aluminum façade” group

Aluminium façade systems are no longer grouped. As of this version, you will find all aluminium façade systems consolidated under the new group Aluminium façades in the overview of the systems and in the System default settings and Select template dialog boxes.

Old groups New group
Aluminium mullion/transom façade=>Aluminium façades
Aluminium add-on constructions
Aluminium structural glazing façade

Sun shading

Integralmaster as system solution:
Update to order and fabrication manual 4-1 (06.2019)

(Not available in all countries.)

As of this version, the Integralmaster glare protection and sun shading integrated in the glazing beads is calculated as a Schüco system solution. The calculation in the program is carried out in accordance with the updated order pages in order and fabrication manual 4-1 (06.2019).

The entry options have been changed and expanded in the Field properties dialog box under the Integralmaster sun shading group.

  • The Color of the drop bar property has been renamed as Color of the guide rod.
  • Manual operating type: the new Chain type property allows you to specify the desired version.
  • Electric operating type (not for fixed glazing): the new Cable link connector property allows you to specify the desired version (can/cannot be detached).

Changes for the price enquiry/order:

  • As of this version, a system article number is calculated for the internal blind. (Integralmaster motor = Art. No. 200300, Integralmaster chain = Art. No. 200301). It is not currently possible to automatically calculate the price for these articles in the program. The price must be requested. For this, use the Price enquiry for Integralmaster sun shading list.
  • Germany:


    For the price enquiry/order, the fabrication option must be specified (version 1: SUN-MASTER; version 2: Customer). You must enter this information as a comment in the output options for the relevant list.

Please note:

Existing items with Integralmaster sun shading will change:

  • In previous versions, no calculation was made in the program for standard glass supports for the version with electric drive, because special glass supports were required for this drive type and included in the delivery. Following the system changeover, these special glass supports are no longer required for the electric drive. The standard glass supports are generated.
  • In previous versions, the internal blind with electric drive moved from bottom to top. The new design moves in a similar way to the manual version: from top to bottom.
  • The semi-transparent textile blinds and the blackout textile blind are no longer available. For items from previous versions, the next possible blind from the selection list is calculated instead.
  • Correction to double-vent vent: In previous versions, for double-vent openings the operating side of the access and secondary vent was the side which was defined in the Field properties dialog box. As of this version, the operating side for the access and secondary vent is generated as a mirror image. The information about the operating side in the Field properties dialog box is copied over for the access vent. The secondary vent automatically receives the operating side on the other side (example, view from inside: access vent = operating side left, secondary vent = operating side right).
Schüco ALB sun shading:
Product streamlining (order and fabrication manual 4-2 (02.2019))

For the ALB large louvre blade system, various articles have been changed as a result of improvements to the individual system components. The ALB needle louvre blades and the ALB glass louvre blades are no longer available in the system. The accessory components for these two systems are also being removed from the product range.

The needle louvre blades and the glass louvre blades can no longer be selected for new items for the Schüco ALB active linear drive system.

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