When adding additional materials, how can I be sure that correct amount is being included?

Additional material can be put in two ways: related to existing profile from calculation when it takes its length or by manual input.

Method one.

First, the easiest way: Additional material related to existing profile.

Click the profile to which you want to add additional material:

In Enter Art. No. under Profile properties window type or search additional material you want to add to this profile. Let’s add 202792 reinforcement profile:

As we can see, reinforcement profile length equals to vent length:

Now we should change cut angles to correspond to vent profile (45/45):

Another great advantage of this method is the possibility to generate cross section detail including newly selected additional profile. Check Section display checkbox:

Now double click section icon that appeared on the vent profile:

Or right click on the vent and select Side vent 148370 Edit material:

Now we are in profile detail mode. Open additional material properties by clicking small triangle by reinforcement profile. Depending to side of the vent profile (Left or Right) it can be necessary to flip section display by clicking Mirror X (or Mirror Y, Rotation) option:

Now let’s position reinforcement profile in proper position on the detail. Right click the profile and select Move profile. Pick destination point on the detail.

Hint: If you cannot precisely position the moved profile to its correct destination because of grid snap, disable it by clicking button MODULE at the bottom of drawing area:

Close detail editor with button OK:

Now we can see reinforcement profile properly shown on the vent detail:

Process same assignment for all other vent profiles, keeping in mind that middle central vent profile in sliding door is treated as one detail, so in that case you have to add two same 202792 reinforcement profiles on this detail:

Now we can generate Order list. As we can see reinforcement profile 202792 is calculated well with total length equal to the vent it belongs, 148370. Small difference of length in this case is correct and comes from 45/45 cutting of the vent profile.

Method two.

In this method we can add additional material regardless of the dimension of the designed unit. We will have to manually define length and quantity of additional material.

Type the additional material number 202792 or browse it from article library:

Now we can enter manually total length of the profile in Formula/Length or use formula editor to take dimensions from the unit by checking on Formula checkbox and clicking Formula editor button. We can use variables from the Variables list that will return desired length, use math formula from Operators to modify it, or use predefined formula syntax from Formula area. You can select any variable, operator or formula by double clicking it, or type it manually. Any math is possible. In our case let’s select:

2*(Total height + Total width) + 2*Total height

vent boundary vent center mullion

After confirming OK we can see calculated total length of additional profile (in metric):

After generating Order list we can see that 202792 reinforcement profile length equals vent profile length:

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