Two projects opened from the same database have different finish configuration.

Finish (coating) data is stored in project configuration and is transferred with the project either you open it from the server database, local or import from external user by zip file.

When you import or open the project your Schucal is using project data to render calculation, not your configuration database. For that reason, the situation when two separate projects in the same Schucal database have different finish values is very possible.

The critical phase is the Schucal configuration database setting at the moment of CREATING the project. During that moment Schucal creates the project database and fills it up with the values stored in Schucal actual database. After this moment project data is independent from Schucal configuration database.

The diagram below shows the idea of Schucal configuration database structure:

The situation pointed in the head question is most likely caused by the following scenario:

  • User 1 was logged in Local database, or separate Network database which did not have correct finish data defined
  • User 1 created the project – all configuration data has been transferred into the project.
  • After this moment User 1 exported the project to zip file and sent it to User 2 or reimported it to Network database – project configuration data stayed unchanged and differs from new destination Local or Network configuration.

Important: This scenario is same for other data types stored locally in the project – discounts, operating conditions, etc.

This problem can be FIXED with following steps:

Open the project in Network Database and choose Coater Aluminum > Change:

Click Load from master data:

Double click Schuco Coater icon:

Project configuration has been synced with your Local or Network Database and will match other projects’ settings in the database.

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