Schucal 2021 – Changes for US market

Projects and items

Project window:
Information about the U value, airborne sound reduction and MCO in the item properties list

As of this version, the project window in the Item properties list will display additional information on the currently selected item.

  • U value and airborne sound reduction value:

    If a value has been calculated for the item, it is shown. If it is not possible to calculate a value for the system used in the item, the field contains the entry No.

  • MCO:

     You can see whether processes are generated for the system used in the item and whether they are displayed in MCO processing mode.

Preliminary structural calculation

New: Country selection “France”

As of this version, the preliminary structural calculation can be carried out in line with the applicable standard for France. To do this, select France from the Select country drop-down list in the Preliminary structural calculation dialog box.

A preliminary structural analysis is carried out for the profiles (glass statics not checked).

Machine control

Processing mode:
Dimension +/- for zero points

As of this version, the insert points for processes can be positioned by defining the zero point in combination with a variable dimension +/-. For example, the insert point can always be moved from the “beginning of the profile” zero point of the outer frame at the bottom by the “chamber size” dimension +/- of the adjoining outer frame on the left. In this way, reference points for processes, processing groups and serial processes can be kept the same, even if the adjoining outer frame on the left has been changed to another outer frame with different chamber size.

Processing mode:
New options for serial process types 3 and 4

As of this version, you can choose further options to define the distribution of processes between the first and last process:

Serial process type 3 only

  • For the distributions Maximum spacing, Fixed distance and Number of processes, it is now possible to prevent the start and end processes (optional).
  • For the distributions Maximum spacing and Fixed distance, you can also specify that a process is to be made centrally.

Serial processes type 3 and 4

  • In the formula editor you can use the new variable Distance_Start_End (as of 2020 R2 SP11).


Export projects to PlanToBuild

(As of 2020 R2 SP01, only with separate activation code)

PlanToBuild is a cross-trade, web-based software solution for construction project management that has been developed by industry insiders for real-life needs. PlanToBuild is a different software product that must be purchased separately.

For more information, please contact the Service Desk or visit

With the PlanToBuild interface you can now copy items calculated in the program over to PlanToBuild. The items are connected to the unit management function for individual projects in PlanToBuild. When any changes are made to the items, an automatic data comparison is made. This prevents you having to enter the data twice and allows you to concentrate on more important project management tasks.

The following information is transferred:

  • Properties of items and number of units to be installed.
  • Material lists for items
  • 3D views of items
  • Documents which are attached to the items in project explorer

To change the function, you need a PlanToBuild account. You will be asked to enter your login details to export the data to PlanToBuild. Schüco Digital Support is always happy to answer any questions you may have about the interface.

Discontinued systems

Sliding units (aluminium)

The following systems have been removed from the Schüco range and will no longer be available in the program for new items.

Changes to aluminum systems


Schüco system supplier – new discount group for corner-vulcanized gasket frame

(As of 2020 R2 SP011, with ADU 04/2021)

In the Contacts dialog box, a new discount group 159: Gasket frame has been added for the Schüco system supplier under the Profiles and accessories group.

  • Contacts: Schüco system supplier – new discount group 159 for corner-vulcanized gasket frame.
  • The discount no longer needs to be entered in the Other group > Corner-vulcanized gasket frame.
  • When calculating the price of the frame, the discount is now also applied to the material sold by the meter along with the frame discount.
  • The Calculation output list outputs the price for the corner-vulcanized gasket frame under Gasket frame.


AvanTec SimplySmart and surface-mounted SimplySmart window fitting:
Wireless keep (energy self-sufficient)

The new wireless keep (Art. No. 277770/277773) can be calculated (can be used in resistance classes BASIC to RC3).

To this end, you will find the new property Wireless keep (energy self-sufficient) in the field properties (Fittings group) for the corresponding opening types. For double-vent windows, the wireless keep can be selected for the access leaf and optionally the secondary leaf too.

The wireless keep can be integrated into existing automation centers which are compatible with EnOcean using wireless technology. If necessary, these additional articles will need to be entered as additional material.

Window fitting for all systems:
Magnetic switch for combined monitoring of opening and closing

You will find the new property Magnetic switch in the field properties (Fittings group) for the corresponding opening types. Here you can select the desired type as required.

AvanTec SimplySmart, surface-mounted SimplySmart and AvanTec SimplySmart PD window fittings as well as FWS 60 CV:
Engagement blocks

(As of 2020 R2 SP08)

The engagement blocks have been revised. The new articles will be calculated instead of the existing articles.

Please check your default settings for calculating the large PU/small PU for these new articles.

Schüco AWS window systems:
Rebate gasket for face-fitted vents – optimized for installation.

The new rebate gasket Art. No. 245472 can be calculated for the corresponding openings (inward and outward-opening). They can be inserted continuously or with corners Art. No. 245672.

You can find these new options in the technical settings under the Gasket group > Rebate gasket for inside for face-fitted window vents.

Schüco AWS 65 and Schüco AWS 70.HI:
Barrier-free window doors (turn/tilt) with 20 mm threshold, no longer with TipTronic operating type

In the previous version, for opening types 352: TT DIN right window door, barrier-free and 353: TT DIN right window door, easy-access, the TipTronic entry can be selected as the Operating type in the version Inward-opening, easy-access balcony/patio door, 20 mm threshold.

This option has been removed.

Please note:

This change affects existing items. Affected openings change automatically to the Standard opening type – the vent profile and fitting are changed.

Schüco AWS 75.SI+:
Horizontal pivot fitting with gas pressure springs

As of this version, for the opening type 500: Horizontal pivot window in the Schüco AWS 75.SI+ system, the fitting type with gas pressure springs can be selected. These are used to restrict opening and stabilize the position of the opened horizontal pivot vent. They are recommended for building projects where rough or improper use is expected.

Door fittings for all systems:
Door handle with “SmartActive” antimicrobial coating

(As of 2020 R2 SP08, with installation of article data update 05/2021)

The new article numbers for the door handles with antimicrobial coating can be selected (PU = 1).

Standard doors only:

  • Art. No. 279681 (door handle, straight, SmartActive)
  • Art. No. 279683 (door handle, straight, SmartActive)

Can also be used in the fire and smoke protection systems:

  • Art. No. 279684 (door handle, straight, SmartActive)
  • Art. No. 279685 (door handle, cranked, SmartActive)

Profile cylinder rosette:

  • Art. No. 279686 (profile cylinder rosette, SmartActive)

To facilitate searching, the additional column SmartActive can be displayed in the Change handle xy dialog box. Using this column, the door handles with the antimicrobial coating can be filtered out.

Door fittings for all systems:
Interlock locks have been converted to a new product generation.

The new articles numbers for the new Interlock locks can be selected.

Schüco AD UP 75/75 BL:
RC2 glazing with glazing rebate fixing

The new glazing rebate fixings can be used in combination with P4A safety glass.

  • Art. No. 546010 for fixed lights (32 mm)
  • Art. No. 526930 for vents (32 mm)
  • Art. No. 526940 for vents (22 mm)

As of this version, you can select the entry Glazing rebate fixing in addition to the entry for the bonding for the property RC2/RC2N glazing under the Glazing group in the technical settings.

Unit editing/Technical settings

Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart and Schüco surface-mounted SimplySmart window fitting:
Schüco DriveTec for Schüco AWS 57 RO roof window

The possible entries for roof windows have been revised.

If you select the new DriveTec (ventilation) operating type for this opening type, you can select the Chain actuator and Vent reinforcement under the Openings group. You can determine the individual fittings components under the Fittings group.

Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart and Schüco surface-mounted SimplySmart window fitting:
Selection of cavity-fitted gearbox in the field properties

As of this version, your default settings for the cavity-fitted gearbox are copied over from the technical settings (Fitting group > SimplySmart cavity-fitted gearbox) over to the Field properties for an opening. There you can amend the setting for the specific field as required. Using these settings for the cavity-fitted gearbox, you can determine which handles are available for selection.

Schüco AWS block systems:
Fixed lights now also with “glazing from outside”

As of this version, if, in a unit for a Schüco AWS block system, a field is equipped with continuous frame profiles from Schüco AWS, the option Glazing from outside can also be selected for the fixed glazing it contains.

Schüco AWS window systems:
“Centre gasket” technical setting

(As of 2020 R2 SP08)

The options in the selection list for the center gasket have been amended as follows:

  • Schüco AWS 75.SI+/ADS 75.SI
  • Schüco AWS 90.SI+ Green/ADS 90.SI/ADS 90 PL.SI
  • Schüco AWS 90.SI+/ADS 90.SI/ADS 90 PL.SI
  • Schüco AWS 75 BS.HI+
  • Schüco AWS 75 BS.SI+
  • Schüco AWS 90 BS.SI+
  • Schüco AWS 75 WF.SI+

* = Please note for existing items: If you had selected the setting Without gasket in the named systems, the calculation will now be made according to the setting Standard with corners.

Door fitting for all systems:
New panic function with electric coupling for door locks

As of this version, door locks which can be coupled electrically with the outer door handle are labelled with the Electric coupling type panic function. In the article selection dialog box for the lock, you can filter the locks by means of the Panic function column.

For doors with a selected option of partial panic or full panic (EN 179 or EN 1125), you can limit the selection of locks to locks with this feature by selecting the Electric coupling type entry for the Panic function property.

Schüco AD UP door systems:
Selection of leaf-enclosing mounted infills

(Schüco AD UP 75, Schüco AD UP 75 BL and Schüco AD UP 90 systems – not doors in these systems which are used in Schüco AWS items.)

In previous versions, it was possible to determine mounted infills by selecting the corresponding vent profile. As of this version, you can determine whether an insert vent or a mounted infill is to be calculated by means of the new Type of profile property. The following options are available:

Insert vent

  • Mounted infill, on one side, mechanical, 48 mm infill (not Schüco AD UP 90)
  • Mounted infill, on one side, mechanical, 56 mm infill
  • Mounted infill, on both sides, mechanical
  • Mounted infill, on one side, bonded.
  • Mounted infill, on both sides, bonded.

Existing items remain unchanged. The entry for the type of profile is set by default accordingly for this.

Schüco AD UP 75 BL/75 systems:
“Comfort threshold” renamed to “barrier-free level threshold”

It has been possible to determine which threshold is to be used for single-leaf doors (standard security) with a continuous leaf and automatic door leaf under the Door threshold property since version 2020 R2.

The selections in the Field properties dialog box have been renamed for these options.

The property in the technical settings under the Design group for sealing the transition between the comfort threshold and the automatic door seal has also been renamed (Attachment of comfort threshold => Attachment of barrier-free level threshold).

The calculation in the program remains unchanged.

Schüco AD UP and Schüco ADS systems
Calculation of the fixing material for door handles

  • As of this version, 2 x Art. No. 205320 and 2 x Art. No. 205008 are calculated for doors with a leaf-enclosing door infill.
  • For all other doors, you can find the new properties Fixing of inner door handle and Fixing of outer door handle in the technical settings under the Fitting group. There you can select the desired options for each system (fixing plate, oval nut, rivet nut). The entry Without fixing accessories is set by default.

     No extra accessories are calculated for door handles with the oval, flush-fitted rosette shape. The fixing accessories are already included in the PU here.

Door fittings for all systems:
Calculation of fixing material for surface-mounted shoot bolts

As of this version, the fixing material is calculated for surface-mounted shoot bolts.

Sliding units

Schüco ASE 80.HI:
Other single-track outer frames can be selected

As of this version, the following articles can also be selected for single-track types running internally as SLF outer frame:

Art. No. 513460

Art. No. 513470

Art. No. 513480

Art. No. 513490

  • These articles are always inserted on all sides (bottom, side, top).
  • They cannot be combined with a level threshold.
  • A flyscreen can be used. The extension Art. No. 184240 is no longer require for the option with side rebate.

Schüco ASE 60/80.HI:
New base profile Art. No. 245639

(Not available in all countries)

Art. No. 245639 can be entered as a base profile on the bottom SLF outer frame.

Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI manual:
Amendment to edge contact

(As of 2020 R2 SP10)

Contact points have been slightly moved for horizontal profiles in this system. In very few cases, this can mean that the cutting dimensions change (for example with types 3F and 2G or if segment dimensions have been changed manually).

Please note:

These changes will affect the calculation for existing items.

Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI manual:
Adjustment to the calculation of the door rail Art. No. 447650

(As of 2020 R2 SP11)

The calculation for the door rail Art. No. 447650 has been changed:

Type 2D and type 2D.A:

 The number of door rails Art. No. 447650 has changed from 7 to 8

(the center rail in the outer track has been split)

Type 3E and type 3E.2:

 The number of door rails Art. No. 447650 has changed from 6 to 7 (the long rail in the outer track has been split)

Please note:

These changes will affect the calculation for existing items.

Schüco ASS 70 FD:
Types 2 to 5 – “HD” design for larger maximum dimensions

(As of 2020 R2 SP12)

As is already possible for types 1, 6 and 6.A, you can now switch the unit parameters between the Standard and HD design for types 2 to 5. In the HD design, the suitable articles for new maximum vent widths and vent weights are calculated (outer frame, SLF bottom, Art. No. 513530, track Art. No. 201306, reinforcements etc):

  • New maximum vent width 1500 mm
  • New maximum vent weight 150 kg

The following articles are generated for vent weights over 100 kg or vent widths over 1200 mm:

  • Roller carriage Art. No. 220840 and 220942
  • Roller carriage hinges Art. No. 220931/220932 and Art. No. 220927


Schüco AWS 114 and Schüco AWS 114.SI insert units:
Manual fitting – automatic calculation of the suspension arm position

As of this version, for opening type 221: Projected top-hung windows, the fixing positions for the suspension arm (dimension Z in the outer frame and Y in the vent frame) are calculated automatically and output to the following output lists:

  • Material list
  • Unit overview
  • Infill panel plan

Schüco FWS 60:
Mullions and insert profiles in new lengths (6.50 meters)

(As of 2020 R2 SP09)

The following new article numbers for the mullions and insert profiles with lengths of 6.50 meters can now be selected in the program.

The predecessor articles with lengths of 6 meters are available in limited numbers.

Technical settings

Door fittings for all systems:
Interlock locks have been converted to a new product generation.

The new articles numbers for the new Interlock locks can be selected.

Sun shading

Schüco AB ZDS sun shading in Schüco AWS window systems

(As of 2020 R2 SP06)

As of version 2020 R2 SP06, Schüco AB ZDS sun shading can be entered as a surface-mounted solution in the following window systems:

  • Schüco AWS systems in the basic depths 50-90 mm (also in block systems, not in window façade WF)
  • Schüco 90 AC.SI
  • Schüco AWS 75 PD.SI

To add, select the surface in front of which you want add the sun shading. You will find the entry Add ZDS in the context menu. You can enter your information for the details (guide tracks, position of access hatch, fabric, surface finishes and colors) in the ZDS sun shading properties dialog box.

The side frame profiles (outer frame/mullion) must be suitable for installation of the adapted guide tracks (K1023910 – K1023914). You will receive a corresponding notification if the profiles do not have suitable outer shells.

New as of this version 2021

  • The outer frames and mullions with integrated guide track can be selected.
  • You can now also select the surface finish effects Pearl effect and Metallic and the quality option Highly weather-resistant.
  • You can specify the surface finish and color for the inspection plates.

Schüco AB ZDS sun shading:
New fabric collection for the blind

(As of 2020 R2 SP05)

When selecting the fabric for the ZDS sun shading, you will only be offered the latest options in line with the current collection for new items.

Existing items that were entered before version 2020 R2 SP06 with a ZDS and a fabric that is no longer available remain unchanged. You will receive a corresponding notification.

Schüco Integralmaster sun shading:
Color of the drop bar: RAL pearl colors and DB colors as standard colors

In the previous versions, the price for the RAL pearl colors (pearl white, pearl beige etc.) and DB colors (iron mica) had to be requested. As of this version, these apply as standard colors. A price is calculated when these colors are selected.

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