Problem: After attaching handle to ASS FD door, profiles are behaving strange, flipping inside/outside, no drilling for CNC processing is prepared.

Couse of problem:

In ASS FD system user have to manually choose lock, door handle spindle, gearbox, profile cylinder and rosette as additional material. Articles must be chosen form same article group (Sliding door) and assigned to corresponding leaves.

Problem occurred because user selected lock accessories from ADS product group instead of ASS. Not all ADS accessories are compatible with ASS system and therefore SchuCal could not calculate and visualize the unit properly:


Check all additional fittings accessories and be sure there are selected from corresponding group from Schuco’s Order Manual, 1-5B Aluminum Sliding Systems, Chapter CC5-5 Fittings:

Choose lock, door handles, spindle, gearbox, profile cylinder, rosette and other fitting accessories, and put its six-digit Schuco product code as additional material in Schucal.

Remember to go into each material and set up additional properties, e.x Handle position, Side of installation, vent assignment:

For CNC processing very important is to manually make decision about drilling type and side, e.x. Profile Cylinder by default comes without slot in profile setting. Go to Installation type, drop down the field and choose inside and outside:


CNC Processing mode:

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