How to create Ventilated Vent?

Ventilated Vent AWS VV is opaque opening unit. Units are available in widths 170mm, 250mm and 300mm and are designed for quick internal space ventilation. Vent panels are infills for standard AWS frames and are compatible with following systems:

To create such unit in Schucal simple create window from the family listed above:

You can create single or multi area unit. After creating the unit select the area and change its type:

From the list select one of the Ventilation Vents types:

  • 110: Ventilated Vent Side Hung LH
  • 111: Ventilated Vent Side Hung RH
  • 112: Ventilated Vent Bottom Hung

Select Vent Frame and choose desired size of the panel:

Ventilated Vents are fixed size profiles, so you need to adjust opening dimensions to match it. You can follow specification in Schuco DocuCenter documentation or check Schucal Messages window to find unit size limitations:

Update unit area dimensions. AWS VV unit is ready.

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