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  • 9651921 Anti-buckle clip is attached to male part of couple mullion and the male side of the corner profile
  • Anti-buckle clip is part of 100mm length with quantity 1. The quantity shall be multiplied by designer depending of the project requirements.
  • Simple frame has dimension referencing to Module Width now.
  • Corner profile can be mirrored by right mouse button: Mirror left/right and inside/outside
  • Drainage caps 227169 are being calculated as default. Please change drainage settings in Settings > Technical settings > Outer frame and Transom to Designed Visibly to avoid calculation of additional standard window system drainage caps.
  • Fixed number of screws for T-Connection
  • 226945 T-cleat joint seal piece is not calculated for reverse rebate profile areas
  • Added 9651932 anchor to each of split mullions
  • Added calculation of fixing screws for reverse rebate profile
  • Fixed reference center point for 9651935 mullion
  • All custom extrusions have now its weight defined and total weight is calculating correctly.

Procedure after installation:

  1. Start/Restart Schucal
  2. Create/Open the project
  3. Set three infill types:
    – Double glass with overall thickness 25mm
    – Panel with overall thickness 25mm
    – Panel with overall thickness 51mm
  4. Create new unit from one of the custom templates in System templates > 10 Custom Systems USA > US Metro AWS 75.SI:
  1. As profile group choose AWS 75.SI+

Important: The system will be properly constructed only with above listed infill types and system profile group.

Model samples:

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