This program builds custom extrusions for University of Delaware project based on FWS 60.



  • The length of custom pressure plates has been adjusted to get 2.5mm gap to perpendicular cover cap on each side.

    Procedure after installation.

    Start/Restart SchuCal

    Create/Open FWS 60 system unit

    • As intermediate mullion choose 9653364
    • As intermediate mullion cover cap choose 9653366
    • As intermediate mullion pressure plate choose 9653365
    • As perimeter mullion/transom cover cap choose 9653368

    To build 9653367 corner seal adapter install FWS 60 SG US Corner adapter component from separate area:

    To insert insert for 9653364 mullion use standard Schucal method:

    To change intersection type of 9653368 transom cover cap with mullion, select corresponding T-cleat node and use Interaction method:

    To flip 9653368 mullion cover cap side, right click it and choose Facade mullion [******] mirror left/right:

    To flip 9653368 bottom transom cover cap side, right click it and choose Facade transom [******] mirror top/bottom:

    To fix connection type of 9653368 to 9653368 corner intersection, select the corresponding corner node and choose Intersection type with mullion priority over the transom:

    Schucal example sections:

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