This program builds USA ADA Kickplate and Threshold for AWS 75.SI easy-access balcony door type configuration in Schucal, Inward and Outward opening.
It also allows to use 9645954 kickplate profile as the sash bar for inward opening units.



  • ADA Kickplate works now with double vent windows doors, Schucal opening types 432 and 433, inward and outward.

Procedure after installation:

  • Start/Restart SchuCal
  • Create/Open AWS 75.SI Family unit
  • Set Opening Type to type 152, 153, 432 or 433
  • Go to Item properties > Settings > Technical settings > USA Settings and check on:
    USA ADA Threshold Gasket and/or USA ADA Kickplate

This update modifies each of Opening Option types available for type 152, 153, 432 and 433, inward and outward opening:

Schucal example sections:

Option: Inward-opening, barrier-free balcony/patio door, 20mm threshold:

Option: Outward-opening, barrier-free balcony/patio door, 12mm threshold:

Option: Inward-opening, barrier-free balcony/patio door, zero level, 50mm installation depth:

Option: Inward-opening, barrier-free balcony/patio door, zero level, 80mm installation depth:

9645954 Kickplate profile used as balcony door sash bar – inward units only:

Activate Sash bars mode:

Select Glass-dividing bar type and click Transom:

Pick the location of designed sash bar in the unit infill:
Remember, you can later relocate it by Right Mouse Button > Move Profiles

On the profile browse list open subcategory Can also be used as Sash bar and pick 9645954:

The result, kickplate with sash bar inserted:
Kickplate and the sash bar do not have to be inserted together in the same unit, it can work alternate way (only kickplate, only sash bar or both).

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