Hurricane configuration for ASS 39 PD.NI

Installer creates ASS 39 PD.NI configuration for Hurricane Resistance System.
It creates configuration according to H9301.01-250-18 Test Report.

Download and install here:

This program creates following profiles in database:

Extruded handlebar cap          9634596
Interlock splash guardleft       9636963
Interlock splash guardright     9636964

Procedure after installation:

1. Start/restart Schucal

2. Create new unit in SchuCal as template go to: Own Templates > Hurricane > [Choose the type]

3. As profile system choose ASS 39 PD.NI

Set in the unit properties:

Unit parameters > Wind load > Increased wind load

Select the glass infill in the unit model and in the properties panel set Profiles > SLF interlock section profile > Reinforcement > Structural profile on both sides, large

Right click the interlock profile > SLF Interlock section… > Modify section:

Choose required double side interlock configuration:

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General > Master data > Article management > Special articles > [article number] > List price

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